Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cold Case Love

I know someone will relate to this...

Searching through the archives of my mind I see you,Filed under "past relationships"I flip through,
They say "All is fair in Love and War"while sippin' wine,but tell me why you took your heart back and kept mine?
Oh yeah you don't give two cents about me,but I would bid for your heart believe me,
But Money could never buy love,Cut the crap and wishful thinkin' cause you said "Goodbye Love",
Damn.Reality Just hit me,a bruised heart writting's my medical aid kit see?
You cut me deep you stitched your name around my heart seams, And every time it beats your name glows through my chest it seems,
Friends think I'm desperate 'cause I'm calling you up,at 3 in the morn' vodka in system and cup,
"I just need you now,"I slur over the line,only to realise you had cut the phone the whole time,
But They Don't understand and they never will, you gave my heart the effects of an ecstasy pill,
Was hooked on your love and now I'm withdrawing, Should of worn a parachute instead of free falling.

Just me..Baby Steps Jerkin'/Rejecting